May 03, 2024

HRCSL Re-launches of Thematic Sub-Committees


HRCSL Re-launches of Thematic Sub-Committees

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) established a series of Thematic Sub-Committees that focused on specific human rights challenges in 2016. These Sub-Committees were chaired by Commissioners and consisted of members of civil society organisations, human rights defenders, thematic experts, and academics.

The HRCSL has decided to re-launch its Thematic Sub-Committees in 2024. The eight new Sub-Committees will focus on the following themes:

  1.  Personal Liberty
  2.  Gender and SOGI
  3.  Child Rights
  4.  Freedom of Expression
  5.  Socio-economic Rights
  6.  Persons with Disabilities
  7.  The Malaiyaha Tamil Community
  8.  Business and Human Rights

The HRCSL has now extended the date of receiving nominations up to 31 May 2024.


HRCSL Announcement 01052024_English

HRCSL Annoincement 01052024_ Sinhala

HRCSL Announcement on 10052024 _Tamil


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