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Inquiries and Investigations

Inquiries and Investigations Division,
Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka,
R. A. De Mel Mawatha,
Colombo 04,
Sri Lanka.

Email: iihrcsrilanka@gmail.com

Tel : (+ 94) 112505566 Fax : (+ 94) 112505574

The main responsibility of the Division is to inquire into and investigate complaints regarding violations or imminent violations of fundamental right, as per the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka Act No. 21 of 1996 sections:

10 (a) to inquire into, and investigate, complaints regarding procedures, with a view to ensuring compliance with the provisions of the Constitution relating to fundamental rights and to promoting respect for, and observance of, fundamental rights;

10 (b) to inquire into and investigate, complaints regarding infringements or imminent infringements of fundamental rights, and to provide for resolution thereof by conciliation and mediation in accordance with the provisions hereinafter provided;


  • Inquiring into and investigating complaints made by an affected/aggrieved person or group, or a person/group acting on behalf of an affected/aggrieved person or group, regarding violations or imminent violations of fundamental rights guaranteed by Chapter III of the Sri Lankan Constitution (1978)
  • Inquiring into and investigating fundamental rights violations on its own motion (suo-motu action), i.e. proactively inquire into and investigate violations even in instances when complaints have not been made
  • Providing advice to those that wish to seek remedy for an alleged violation of a fundamental right and refer them to relevant authorities
  • Inquiring into and reporting to the Supreme Court on matters referred to the Commission
  • Conducting visits to places where people are deprived of liberty to examine and inquire into the conditions of the persons detained
  • Operating a hotline service to enable the public to contact the Commission at any time to seek remedies for violations or imminent violations of fundamental rights such as torture and arbitrary arrest and detention
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