Apr 06, 2019

UN Torture Prevention Body visits HRCSL


UN Torture Prevention Body visits HRCSL

The delegation of the United Nations Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture (SPT) has visited the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka.

The SPT Delegation met with Dr. Deepika Udagama, Chairperson of the Commission and Commissioners Ms. Ramani Muttetuwegama and Ms. Ambika Satkunanathan and discussed issues of mutual concern and interest on 04 April.

The delegation is composed of Victor Zaharia, Head of Delegation (Republic of Moldova), Satyabhooshun Gupt Domah (Mauritius), Petros Michaelides (Cyprus), and June Lopez (Philippines).

The UN’s torture prevention body is visiting Sri Lanka from 2 to 12 April to examine the treatment of people deprived of their liberty and the safeguards in place for their protection against torture and ill-treatment.

In addition to meeting with the Human Rights Commission and civil society organizations, the four-member delegation will also meet government officials and hold discussions with relevant ministries.

ADA Derena

06 April 2019

Read more at http://www.adaderana.lk/news/54249/un-torture-prevention-body-visits-hrcsl

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