Nov 19, 2023

Press Notice No: HRC/P/i/E/17/11/23


Press Notice No: HRC/P/i/E/17/11/23

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) sent a letter on 17 November 2023 to His Excellency the President Ranil Wickremesinghe containing HRCSL ‘Observations and Recommendations on Draft National Women’s Commission Bill, Draft Gender Equality Bill, and Draft Women’s Empowerment Bill’.

The HRCSL also sent the following recommendations to the His Excellency President:

  • Consider amalgamating the Gender Equality Bill and the Women’s Empowerment Bill into a single consolidated Bill.
  • House the Gender Equality Council in the new department to which the Women’s Bureau will be upgraded. Consider naming the said department the ‘Department for Gender Equality’ in view of such a change.
  • Further strengthen the appointment process with respect to the National Women’s Commission. Members of the Commission may be appointed on the recommendation of the Constitutional Council in a manner similar to the appointment of members of the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka.
  • Consider publishing the three Bills as soon as possible to enable meaningful public consultation on their substance.


HRCSL Press Notice on 17 11 2023

HRCSL letter to HE President 17 11 2023

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