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Research and Monitoring

The Director,
Research and Monitoring Division,
Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka,
R. A. De Mel Mawatha,
Colombo 04,
Sri Lanka.

Tel : (+ 94) 112505595 Fax : (+ 94) 112505595

The main responsibility of this Division is to conduct research on human rights related issues in Sri Lanka to assist the Commission in making necessary policy interventions.

This Division’s activities are in accordance with the following sections of the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka Act No. 21 of 1996:

10 (c) to advise and assist the government in formulating legislation and administrative directives and procedures, in furtherance of, the promotion and protection of fundamental rights;

10 (d) to make recommendations to the Government regarding measures which should be taken to ensure that national laws and administrative practices are in accordance with international human rights norms and standards;

10 (e) to make recommendations to the Government on the need to subscribe or accede to treaties and other international instruments in the field of human rights;

10 (f) to promote awareness of, and provide education in relation to, human rights

11 (f) undertake research into, and promote awareness of, human rights, by conducting programs, seminars and workshops and to disseminate and distribute the results of such research


  • Conducting fact finding missions to ascertain the state of human rights issues and make recommendations to relevant State authorities
  • Conducting research on critical human rights issues
  • Conducting monitoring visits in collaboration with the Inquiries and Investigation Division to places where persons are deprived of liberty, including places established for the care and protection of juveniles and women
  • Formulating guidelines on critical human rights issues to State officials to strengthen the promotion and protection of fundamental rights guaranteed in the Constitution
  • Election monitoring
  • Monitoring print and electronic media to identify violations or imminent infringements of fundamental rights and human rights
  • Monitoring the implementation of the language policy
  • Coordinating the Internship Programme of the Commission
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