Implementation of Provision of the Right to Information Act No. 12 of 2016

Details of Information Officers of Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka




Telephone No. Email Address
Mr. Priyal Indika

Administrative Officer


0112505532  [email protected]
Mr. A S Nilantha

Investigating  Officer


0112505580-82 [email protected]
Mr. Kapilan Villavarajan

Education  Officer


0112505580-82 [email protected]
Ms. Samanmalee Wijesooriya

Documentation Officer


0112505580-82 [email protected]


  • Information available to the Public by HRCSL


  • Publications of HRCSL (Annual Reports and Other Reports which are available in the Library/website of HRCSL)
  • Functions of the Institution (HRCSL Act No. 21 of 1996 & Brochures)
  • Organizational Structure
  • Role and Functions of each Post
  • Details in relation to approved cadre
  • Existing cadre & Scheme of Recruitment (once approved)
  • All relevant laws/regulations /administrative circulars/policies
  • Guidelines /Public Statements/Policy Recommendations
  • Annual Action Plans/Strategic Plans
  • Annual Budget Allocations
  • Monetary powers assigned to each officer concerned – Delegation of Authority
  • Budget details of Special Projects implemented
  • Procedures to be followed in obtaining redress from the HRCSL
  • All recommendations issued by HRCSL
  • Board Minutes relevant to a request excluding minutes related to personnel matters or that which would invade privacy, life and liberty of any person
  • Documents relating to complaints to HRCSL (complaint/investigations & inquiry notes and documents) to parties to the complaint unless such a party had requested non-disclosure of documents to other parties to the complaint and the HRCSL agrees with the request.
  • Information not to be disclosed to the public

(Section 05 of the Right to Information Act)

  • Documents relating to complaints of HRCSL (Complaint/investigations & inquiry notes and documents) to 3rd parties
  • Internal memoranda other than those pertaining to administration
  • Documents in Personal Files
  • Internal disciplinary actions/inquiries related information
  • Information relevant to ongoing matters in Courts of Law or quasi-judicial bodies in which HRCSL is involved.


Information listed in No. 2 category will be disclosed if the disclosure, in the opinion of the HRCSL is in the larger public interest.